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Of hurt so painful I want to shut it all out
Date: Monday, 19 April 2010 10:23 pm

picture feat. Yuto with a pretty yellow loudhailer

Mood: Monotone!
Music: weeeek by NewS
Homework Done: English Open-letter (like, finally done?!)

Dreams of love. Of heartbreak. Of laughter so pure it makes me smile. Of hurt so painful I want to shut it all out.
yes, it's so angst, yet nice! :D from a YamaJima FanFic~ modified it of course
refer to HERE

I'VE GOTTEN MY LITTLE PRETTY YELLOW LOUDHAILER! :D *refer to the one Yuto's holding, it's the SAME! without the red prints* 
to Sandy for buying it for me, and Jiayan for accompanying Sandy!

School is as usual, but they are actually preparing for this friday's Speech Day already! *wowzers* i saw people painting somethings YELLOW! :D and that implanted an evil idea in my mind! I wish that they'd paint the whole school yellow, and i'll go running around drawing loudhailers and sunflowers on the walls! :D it'll be really cool if it's true! :D and they've put up some really horrendous curtains at the stairs, and i commented it very loudly in front of them that i'm officially scared to go up to the hall through that particular stairs 8D yes, i'm extreamly evil, so what?!

Thrusday is our 2.4 km NAPFA run ): that's really bad ... *faints* can i fall sick on that day?! :D anyway, i feel really remorseful (wait, should i use sucha strong word?!) that i've spent the whole day on English ): hey hey hey! half the day i was in school! and for some hours, i was at DAISO :x buying things~ 
sorry :x i needed to go to Daiso to buy presents~ :x I PROMISE TO HAVE ICE-CREAM WITH YOU THE NEXT TIME!

i guess i should sleep now. i think i'm going to use PE lesson to catch up with my 'E' Maths :\ 
i think i should smash my computer

on a side note, my printer is now officially out of ink, when i'm in a hurry to print out my open-letter (-________-) so i wrote it out on hand again D: wtf