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Perching On The Soul
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everyone has something ,someone, that makes them go on
Date: Friday, 9 April 2010 10:40 pm

Mood: Bored/Tired
Music: -none @ the moment-
picture feat. a cute lil' soft toy kitty~

everyone has something ,someone, that makes them go on

i'm bored. yes, i'm freaking bored and my brain is in shut-down mode, my face is in screen saver mode (._______.) i think i should get another bath :\ i feel sticky and warm again D:
because my brother dug out the Mario game for GameBoyAdvance SP :D actually, it's made for GameBoy Colour Anyway, Esther Lee said that i'm really comfy to lie on (o_______o) *laughs* here i am again, surfing the net for fanfiction, or re-reading my blog, refreshing my memories on things that had happened. but not all posts are accurate (: i cant possibly say everything and anything that's up on my mind on the internet, with names and all, right? /dies

there's Japanese class tomorrow! and i think i'm looking forward to it because i'm deprived of it last week ): and i'm thinking if i should print out my super wants for Hey! Say! JUMP, which is actually 323 pictures ... (o_______o) i think i'll reduce it ... *stones* now i reduced it to 113 (^______^) anyway, the more i print, the cheaper :x mass produce!

this picture, because it's PROVE that they look alike, probably the most unlike twins in the UNIVERSE! :D