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Date: Sunday, 4 April 2010 11:11 pm

Mood: (no comments)
Music: 爱上你 by S.H.E
Picture feat. Okamoto Keito during Debut! (2007)

You need to know ...
Water(Jeslyn) + Shark Fin(HanYong) + Tofu(Sandy) = Shark Fin Tofu Soup! :D

i think i just unknowingly converted myself into an Okamoto Keito Fan ... (O__________O)
he's so cute :'D

anyway, i know i should be sleeping now ... (-_____-) tomorrow there's Social Studies ST D: me no likes it ): and i'm actually killing my computer off by catching up with 2007-2009 JUMP's scans 8D because i intend to print a whole lot of JUMP pictures :D who cares about the water mark! as long as they are not on the face~ and it's quite amusing to see their really cute faces once again 8D *points at Keito's pictures* Keito looks really really really good with short hair, i swear :D maybe i'm kind of glad Singapore guys have to have Short hair 8D

on a side note, Kikuchi Fuma look absolutely hot with his short hair too 8D

i'm soooooo glad i'm actually re-stalking the JUMP's community :x i found really interesting scans~ 8D YamaJima in Hawaii!