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Perching On The Soul
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Suda Masaki 8D
Date: Sunday, 7 March 2010 10:19 pm

picture feat. sandy reading the menu yo! 
it's an attempt to hide from my camera~

Mood: Fufufufufufufufufufufufu~
Music: Finger on the Trigger by Florida Keys
Watching: Kamen Rider Double (o_________o) i blame this addiction to my brother yo!

as Philip! 8D

(points to the right) SUDA MASAKI! ♥ 8D
partly the cause of my addiction to Kamen Rider Double :D most of the part goes to my really cute brother letting him see Masaki dressed as a girl yo! is hilarious and cute btw~ ♥ and he's just a year older 8D like Yama-chan and Yuto and i'm stalking his blog ♥ :D

anyway, i cant swim today! D: my family went swimming yo! but i stayed at the mac (-_______-) doing my 'A' Math (o_______o) yes, unexpected, i know. :3 and i still need to do my 'E' math! D8 i think i'll wake up at 5am tomorrow i do 8D fuwahahahahahaha! i dont want to go to school now, yo ): not in the mood

anyway i'm so glad i changed my tuition to Saturdays! :D because because i managed to enjoy my Sunday! :D and i'm only feeling a little, just a little excited to hear JUMP's Hitomi no SCREEN on 93.3FM at 10:30pm 8D and i might just be really addicted to :
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yes, i'm sure i'm going crazy soon. and i dont think i like JUMP/JE as much as last time! D8 because of Suda Masaki and AMUSE~
another picture from Friday yo! :D yes, i love them to the MAX.!
taken before i take my fav. shot of the day! :D
actually, it's the second fav.! the first fav. is .... ~