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Holidays! D:
Date: Saturday, 20 March 2010 11:54 pm

picture feat. Sec3 Guides 2009! 8D taken last year during annual camp

Mood: DEAD! D:
Music: Ganbaretsugo! by Hey! Say! 7

Now, i'm thinking how my life will be without you
and do you know what i see? i see that my life will suck even more.

i love this photo! 8D because somehow, i look skinny here xD why am i holding that pot? because i think Ms Tan said something like, "So your look like your are cooking in camp" ? B) hey hey hey! we really cooked yo! the chicken became roasted because the aluminium foil caught fire (^____^) which is AWESOME! :D and i think i should revert back to my camp hairstyle because i'm having a pimple outbreak on my forehead D:

anyway, holidays are ending (T_____T) i dont like it to end D: because i LOVE holidays :x wait, who hates holidays anyway? probably my parents, because we'll just become couch potatoes anyway, yesterday went to watch How to Train Your DRAGON in 3D!!! 8D it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! :D but at the end of the movie, i feel like puking, because of the 3D effects ): but it was still really cool :D and for some reason, my brother and i was just running around iluma shopping centre before the movie :D we tried taking that super LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG escalator, and seriously, i'm terrified of heights, and the escalator scares me. ):

on my brother's birthday we went to Sizziler! :D awesome lunch, and i didnt feel like eating dinner (-_______-) and we went almost around Singapore going to different otaku shops! 8D those shops that sells anime/japanese related stuffs! and those shops are amazing :D

for this week's Guides session, it's really ... i dont know ):


i wonder which CCA will be going (o_____o) i'm going just for the tee-shirt 8D yes, i'm that realistic anyway, i feel really ... *insert random emotions here*