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Perching On The Soul
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i cant just die now.
Date: Tuesday, 16 February 2010 9:52 pm

Mood: (dots)
Music: Love Yourself by KAT-TUN
Picture feat. me yo! yes i'm egoistic

Boku wa Akuma desu.
(akuma: demon/devil)

to all my dear chinese readers~ (hmmm... anyone reading my blog?) i swear English homework is enough to kill. (-_____-) ohh CNY too, because it's really tiring to go from place to place for the WHOLE DAY D8 the only part i enjoy is probably the food and money *gets shot* and of course, the craps that my cousins and i shared with each other :D esp. between my brother and I during those long car rides♥ now i'm craving to be dressed in my casual outfit, which includes some random event tee which is oversized for me, and beloved FBT :B but i'm contented to be dressed in my pajama now (^-^)v (pajama = pj/s) and as usual, i'm being that insensitive brat i am, being all anti-social at my relatives' house (o____o) *i was busy playing my brother's NDS ~~♥* i want a NDSi! but not really many people mind ... ahiuawbviabgaofjalskcjmangiauoamjckzlcna!

i feel so reluctant to go back to school ..... (._______.) can i skip school?! :D *murdered* mass lecture for English tomorrow, peps! :\ errrr ... at least i have one more day to live? 喜んで! i'm getting real creeps for English D: i dont know what to write! D: warning: encountering writer's block and my chinese aint going well too ... D:

currently TWO GUY cousins are here at my house (o____o) and i'm dressed in my pajama ... *insert millions of dots here* doesnt matter ... i'm hiding in my daddy's study room :D i'm dressed in my DORAEMON pajama dress and random track pants (^-^)v

TODAY'S THE 16th! :B 14 months of singlehood~♥
alright, during my slaking time at home between the visits + today, i've finished Gravitation & パパとKiss in the Dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥
ヤオイは 万歳!♥
yes to shonen-ai :D errrrr ... well i'm an otaku (^-^)v now i feel like collapsing onto my bed (-____-) I NEED TO STUDY! D: i still have my A Maths re-test on Friday ... oh gosh. and my CCA! AND MY CHEMISTRY! ALL CLASH! D: *faints* can i feign sick on Friday? or maybe i really will fall sick ... oh gosh i feel like dying now.