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happiness gauge: 95%
Date: Friday, 26 February 2010 8:39 pm

Mood: Tired.
Music: Nostalgia by Ikimono Gakari
Facebook: doing nothing :D

a drink :x (laughs)

ahahahahahahaha! it's a secret 8D

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anyway, today was good bad :o well, for one, i slept like a log after waking up. and what's more is that i dozed off on my living room's sofa, until about ... idk. once i woke up, i rushed around the house like some mad woman (-_____-)

sandy arrived at my house at like ... 6:50? 8D i love my mummy :D she helped us tie our hair in plaits!! ♥ anyway, we were almost late, so we kind of ran all the way to school :D totally a hilarious sight to see :B and sandy has some eye problem i swear!

Chemistry test was alright i guess, and after chemistry test, i found out that i didnt bring my Biology notes to school, leaving me with nothing to study for Biology test (-_____-) and hanyong was being a meanie! but thankyou very much Farah and Cassandra CHOOO for sharing your notes with me for that little while♥ yes, these girls are absolutely (♥)

and after all my test for the day, my happiness gauge went right up to 55% :D originally, it's like ... 45%

than for Chinese, i crapped with Jasmine!! :D Zhi Wei and I influenced her into JUMP fandom! :D and Celine is in real danger as we always gang up on her, yo! anyway, both of us went, "SHADOW!" *duhhm, duhhm, duhhm* Mayonaka no Shadow Boy♥

recess was in the classroom, doing my 'A' maths :D i'm such a good girl :D jiayan came up to join us when recess was going to end, and well, we crapped, like always :D well, during 'A' maths i wasnt really listening, and Mr Wu said that i'm evil. awwwwww, Mr Wu didnt have to state the obvious, haha!

and we proceeded down to the canteen for our marvelous birthday celebration! :D January and February babies :D all girls and only 2 guys, which is Yu Xiang and Imran (o____o) totally hilarious, because Yu Xiang's hand was totally red when Ms Teng called them all to hold the knife :D after cutting the cake, Sandy Ong attempted to kill me with the cake knife (o_____o) well, i helped distributing the cakes! :D well, more of pulling tissues out to put the cake onto it plus over here, there's some little thing that made me really happy and my happiness gauge went up to 65%

and apparently, guys are also afraid of getting fat! :D

so after that was chemistry extra lesson (o_____o) I HAD FUN! :D because we did this really cool table and it's now on the notice board~ it's my handwriting yo! i swear, Esther Lee and Xin Ying picked on me when we played the game (-______-) and we had some fun praising our own master piece!

and than went ahead to Guides Den! and Esther Goh loves to tease me. i swear, she's going to tease me for the rest of my life :x and here, this little incident where me and someone else dropped something on the floor when we see each other ... raised my happiness gauge up to 75%!

in the Guides Den, i was just sitting on the floor, and well, crapping with everyone :D and than when it's about time to start Guides, my happiness gauge went all the way up to like 85%, thus i owe Esther a drink (o_______o) ahahahahahaha!

Guides session was really tiring! *faints* and i totally crapped with Sharlene! :D a fellow J-POP/JE/JUMP fan! :D *squeals* and during enrolment, she was like, "LISTEN! KAT-TUN'S LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!" and i tried really hard to pay attention to what i'm doing :x major distraction, but omg. another fan! and her friend's like a fan of KAT-TUN! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! and here, 95% :D

so anyway, end of Guides Session, me and Isabel stayed back for awhile to plan for March holiday's session (o_______o) ohh! we're having this archery course on 15 March! any other uniform groups going?!?!?!?!?! :D will ask different people on Monday (^-^)v

ohh god i think i'm going to sleep (-_____-) no mood for doing work anyway ... wait. that's a bad idea. i have tons of Chinese work waiting for me, and Mr Ng's 3 graphs .... (-_______-)

head-over-heels for you