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Debate! D8
Date: Monday, 8 February 2010 10:02 pm

Mood: panic!
Music: 太陽にLOVE MOTION! by Hey! Say! JUMP
Picture feat. Kikuchi Fuma!

i'm in the opposition team yo! :\

blahh blahh! i set my alarm clock to the wrong timing yesterday ): and i'm now like ... rushing for my debate things (-.-) oh gosh it's like ... i dont know what to put into the debate! ): can i not go to school tomorrow? *laughs*

and here's the summary of my day again! 8D
yes, i think i'll adopt the point form blogging for no~
  • managed to pull myself out of bed after my daddy wanted my camera battery from me (-_____-)
  • dragged around before rushing like some mad women to school (.______.)
  • met my Sandy girlfriend half-way to school! (^-^)v
  • rushed in revising my Social Studies with Sandy's notes and textbook ): i stupidly left my own textbook under jiayan's desk and forgot to bring it home ....
  • sat for Social Studies ST and died ):
  • rushed doing English. yes, i know i'm a bad girl ):
  • tried to be a good girl during Geography and tried SUPER HARD not to crap with Jiayan that bad girl
  • I HAD KIND OF GOOD MARKS FOR PHYSICS! 8D @ least i passed without studying ... :x
  • English was terror because I was chosen for debate ... which is tomorrow D8 *nervous*
  • E maths my stomach was grumbling ... not paying much attention already.
  • A maths was terror because i was like crying over the test paper D: i need to find 5 more marks to pass, yo!
  • After school, went to give Jaslyn her ranking, and stayed back awhile for the debate thing
  • went home sweet home and start searching for debate materials like mad, yo!
and so now, i'm still here (-__________-) that's extremely bad D8 ohh well, ohh i just changed my wallpaper! 8D
it's now a JUMP wallpaper, and not only 7! B)

and all of them look so nice in those western style suit! 8D yes, i have a soft spot for guys wearing suits, so what?!
except for Chiinen because i'm bias xD i know ZhiWei will kill me xD
anyway, back to think about the debate!

a quite updated photo of me xD *laughs*