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first week of school, yo!
Date: Friday, 8 January 2010 8:55 pm

Mood: Dead Beat.
Music: Ultra Music Power by Hey! Say! JUMP
Picture feat. Chibi Ryutaro & his White DS :3

and school is great, i guess ... ?

so school is GREAT! :D i managed to survive. that's one really good point and i havent touched the computer until today B) yeash i'ma good girl :D
aint it exciting?! we decided to sing/shout/scream our hearts out B) watch out, yo! B) oh yes, i understand Physics and Chemistry so far! :D which is EXTREMELY good :D my maths is in the lowest band (-.-) well, not that i mind at all because Mrs Yoga seems to be a good teacher :D than chinese is also the class for the-not-so-good (o.o') erhmm i totally have no comment on that (-.-) not that i mind, really (: English i got into Band 1 ... ?! WTH?! hello? i thought i practically flunked my English (.______.) but apparently, i got GOOD results ... ? yes, totally no comments.

Geography is the same.

that's totally bad because i NEED it D8 yes, totally bad like crap ):

let's do a daily report :D

First day of School; 04 January 2010
totally hilarious! first day of school and Mr Alan Lim actually BOWED to us (literally, Isabel, Sandy, Jiayan & me) ?! and we quickly bowed back xD totally hilarious! well, i guess our DM is not that bad after all B) (compared to the new principle ....)

during her freaking speech, i was making fun of it (.___.) and everyone around is laughing xD like Holy-stick-cally and HOLE :D (means, holistically and whole, btw) yeap, i can be a joker when i want :B was totally elated that everyone is going off at 2pm! :D

recess was great? i kind of missed the crowed :D saw my cousin loads of times! like, woah! :D classes was alright and it's cool :D

Second Day of School; 05 January 2010
let's see ... it was classes and stuffs (o.o') totally freaked out during English i suppose ... that's as much as i can remember (._____.) oh yes, i forgot everything! oh! we stayed back to paint our banner! :D and NPCC came to use our paints (o.o') and i seriously laughed my butt off at their (sec 3s) attempt to do that flag drill and i said that i can do better, before running with isabel, with the banner in our hand :D (yes, Bollywood style) school curriculum i forgot what happened (o.o') but i know i studied until like ... 11pm plus B)

Third Day of School; 06 January 2010
LONG DAY! D8 totally tired ): but well, alot of things happened? let's see ... we where banded for English! (o.o!) had that total heartattack (.____.) Jiayan and Sandy is in the same class! D: ohh well. and i slept at like ... 1am! ): oh yes!

Fourth Day of School; 07 January 2010
school curriculum is the usual, but after school, we went to NYP! :D it's like totally cool! :D i love their Japanese Culture Club B) yes, it's totally amazing, yo! and there's freaking Kendo! :D i'll be searching for Kendo Classes :x so i might sign up after my 'O's for Kendo, yo! :D

Fifth Day of School; 08 January 2010
WE TRICKED MDM CHUA THAT SCHOOL ENDS AT 11:30am! xD totally hilarious! :D but that resulted to homework (-.-) but ohh well :D totally hilarious :x she even called Leroy, "Han Yong"! Total crack in class 8D sandy went home early though ): was very forgetful today! D: went back home to take my Biology Practical Book and Guides things before going back to school (:

During Guides session, we did crappy stuffs, and i went highhh :x well, we were singing songs at the top of our voices, and i totally love those little girls that they made out of cardboard! :D i'm adopting one!! B) Qian Hui said that it's like one of those protestants' board xD super hilarious :D and we did foot drill in a classroom! :D yesyes~

and i realised that NPCC is actually a really cool CCA! :o but Raynian's imitation of Jun Wei's commanding is seriously hilarious! :D and it's actually fun talking to Jon B) yay! made new friends 8D i guess ... ? seriously, Raynian is totally hilarious :D and Jun Wei! they played Wonder Girl's Nobody and he started dancing behind his NPCC teacher's back! XD super hilarious :D

yes, i had a wonderful week in school B)

we are like the coolest, yo!
plus, we have cookies!