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Perching On The Soul
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2nd week, i survived and PANDAN BANANA!
Date: Friday, 15 January 2010 6:10 pm

Mood: pissed/tired
Music: My Love by Westlife

Dont hold onto Dreams that will NEVER come true
because it'll hurt you more than you expected.

yes, i'm a person that will not do anything that will hurt myself even further. either physically or mentally or emotionally. i always tell myself, "Dont let your hope go up too high." but it seems that my emotions will take over my rational side, most of the time. ):

cant believe that it's ONLY the second week :\ it felt like ages, really (-.-) i was piled up with homeworks, but i managed to finish them before the dateline (: thank god. but that also resulted to a sleep deprived Jeslyn ): well, my brain works best after 8pm. too bad, yo!

let's see ... i remember many night i've been piled up with ENGLISH homework (o.o') trust me, English is MORE THAN ENOUGH to kill someone like me who is actually lazy but i managed to finish it, as i said (^___^) and i must say that i'm proud of myself doing homework! :D damn i've never seen myself being a good girl just sitting there for long hours doing till the middle of the night (^___^) yes, i'm proud yo!

and this week i've stayed back quite alot of times :\ because of the banner stuffs (-.-) which irritates all of us till no end D: super pissed. but at least it's fun? you can see us sprawled onto the corridors of our school, looking so unglamourous and obscene. (o__o') well, most of it is done? okay maybe not. because we've not yet drawn our people ... (T____T) *depressed*

alright! just now only went for Guides only awhile :\ because of Maths Mock exam! and ohh god! Esther is hilarious! "SQUAD, PANDAN BANANA!?!?!?!" *roars of laughters* :D damn funny (: became closer to her last year, and even closer this year, yo! :D i'm glad (: *muwahahahs!*

ohh! i drew a post-it note for sandy yo! :D it writes, "Constant intake of Glucose, Makes you Survive Secondary 4!!" :D look out for it at Sandy's facebook yo! B)

alright, i think i'll update later on :o going to celebrate daddy's birthday! :D but the actual day is 17th January though :o