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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Thursday, 10 December 2009 3:51 pm

Mood: Accomplished
Music: Lacie (Pandora Hearts)
Picture feat. Sandy & Jiayan's Candid shot (:

because i feel so damn helpless now.

YES WE'VE FINISHED OUR GEOGRAPHY PROJECT! B) thanks to sandy & Icy Tower! x) *laughs* Icy Tower is super addictive! so be warned B) *laughs* i blame my brother & sandy for introducing me to that game @ FB :x and tomorrow, we're starting our Service Learning! B) aint that cool?! :D we're doing our SL @ Fo Guang Shan x) that temple is like ... super cool :x it's so modern! (o.o!) totally not what i think it's like at all :x

tomorrow will be a super busy day for me ): meeting the darlings in the morning @ school, Guides Den because we have to prepare for Recruitment day (-3-) no, i dont like it ):
3 more months B)
wooo! and there's that aunty at the temple that said that i look like a poly student x) that's bad ... because i look old? and she thought sandy's the youngest amongst us 3 people (o.o') it's actually the opposite (o.o') sandy's the oldest while i'm the youngest (.______.)

tomorrow we're doing our SL at 4pm until 9pm! :o i dont think i can stay that long though ): because my mummy's mummy is coming over to stay overnight! :D i think i'll call daddy to fetch me before going to dinner tomorrow :\ well, it depends (-.-)

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PS: i'm active again at tumblr! B)