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random, like duhh?
Date: Saturday, 12 December 2009 5:28 pm

Mood: pissed? (just a little.)
Music: Snow Prince by Snow Prince Gasshoudan
Picture feat. magazine clip of Morimoto Shintaro (the one below) and Morimoto Ryutaro (the one on top) B)

my dream is ...

i'm having this thought here. does the Morimoto family have the good looking and cute genes? because apparently, both brothers are extremely adorable and growing up to be ... (nevermind, i'll keep my comments to myself)

MUWAHAHAHAHAHS! i just converted Snow Prince into MP3 format B) ohh god. that song rocks :D damn. SG aint showing Snow Prince though ): but they showed Gokusen The Movie argh! i want to watch ):

anyway, Japanese class today was officially good :D because there are new students? i'm still the youngest there, damnit ohh and i have to remember to pay the rest of my school fees (.___.) ohh and i talked to my classmate that entered for this year's JLPT4 too! :D he was fretting over the listening part because the stupid CD/player is stupid (makes sense right?)

than after that met my brother and mummy's mummy @ CP for lunch (: saw Vanessa while waiting for them B) ohh! and i want to credit my brother a little! he officially made me like a 仮面ライダ related song (-.-) i just find it cute :x

and for some reason, my grandmummy bought a type of bread that actually taste like ... cheesecake (.____.) so i'm calling it cheesebread! 8D