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OUR secret!
Date: Monday, 28 December 2009 11:44 pm

"Let Me Tell You A Secret! I LOVE YOU!" *shock*

TODAY'S SERVICE LEARNING WAS FUN! B) totally hilarious :D Yu Ling and Isabel is my constant amusement :D they are like ... wow xD and i conclude that we're super PERV. :x yes, yes.

in the morning, we packed the goodie bags :D and during lunch, Isabel and i went back to school! :D and i changed my clothes just to go in well, we have to plan for tomorrow's session anyway :o and than well ... I'M SUPER LUCKY! xD me going back to school is actually caused by Jaslyn, in a werid way sandy is so pissed xD *laughs* we were almost trapped in school because it's like rainning heavily! D: not that i mind being trapped in school

when we reached the temple, we started to roll those things again :o well ... it's better than the goodie bags because it's super tiring to pack the goodie bags D: than while rolling those things, we were practically crapping real loudly :D
YULING, let's keep our secret from Isabel :D
isabel was practically pissed by not knowing what i told yuling :D ohh! and Isabel and Yuling look alike! (o.o') Jaslyn and i agree :D and i have to announce!
*laughs* it's an inner joke :D well, and we ate FAMOUS AMOS cookies! :D delicious :x we seem to be eating more than doing things ... hmmmmmm

and i went back at 7pm B) daddy came to fetch me! :D *jumps* at least i didnt have to take a bus home :D super glad and well, i did NINE hours today! :D i'm left with SIX more hours B) *jumps in glee*

ohh! i feel like going to Temasek Poly's School of Humanities and Social Science's Psychology Studies! :D i can even take up French and Japanese! if not you'd see me in Singapore Poly's Biomedical Science (o.o') which, seriously, is kind of plain

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