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Date: Friday, 25 December 2009 5:53 pm

YAMADA RYOSUKE & NAKAJIMA YUTO (Trading Cards from Fuyu Con)

i've overloaded my computer with the Fuyu Con. Pamphlet, Fuyu Con. Shop Pictures & Fuyu Con Trading Cards :D and i think my internet server has been bugged (-.-) *pissed* but, there are pictures with YamaJima, and i'm currently loving LiveJournal because more and more YamaJima fics are coming out :D

anyway, i've gotten our backpacks! :D will be passing Isabel's to her on Monday and Sandy's on Tuesday (: i think i'm in love with my backpack :D today felt like sunday that's bad because i'm currently hating sundays (-.-) and tuesdays Merry Christmas to everyone~ i want santa to visit me! but i dont have a chimney! ): and chee zheng tells me to build one (.____.) and i also dont have anyway gigantic socks (.______.) plus, i'm broke (._____.)


PS: i just found out that i'm shorter than yama-chan by 1cm! (o.o!)