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happy birthday to me!
Date: Saturday, 5 December 2009 10:12 pm

Mood: ...random?
Music: Snow Express by NewS
Picture feat. ME! :D (duhh?)

finally 15 when people are turning 16 in a few weeks time~

YAY! B) i'm finally 15 (^-^)v thankq Chee Zheng, Daddy, Jasper,Mummy, Jiayan, Cassandra & my Cousin for the midnight wishes! :D
thankq to Sandy, Isabel, Chrisminie, Mummy, Chee Zheng, Yi Lin for the wishes too! :D chee zheng flooded me with 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'(s) for the whole day~ thankq all for the wishes :D am really glad that people remembers (^-^)v i'm so touched :D even if the people that remembers are real little

alright! woke up at about 10 plus in the morning B) yes, i slept in because at 12midnight, my parents & my brother sang me a birthday song and we cut the cake and had a piece of cake :D aint that cool?! eating supper at like ... in the middle of the night B) so ... after i'm totally awake and cleaned up, daddy bought me and jasper to Bugis Junction B) to visit the MARVELOUS KINOKUNIYA! :3 yes, i love that place alot B) *evil laugh* and i bought DUET! :D but it's JUNE's edition (-.-) because there's that 30% discount :\ it would've been better if it's JULY's (-.-) ohh well~
there's actually August's edition, but it's Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow (.___.) and i dont like it (-.-) Kajani8 is better *insert pissed off look* and i realised that Potato & Myojo is a dollar more expensive than DUET! (o.o') WHY?! :o apparently, Potato & Myojo has TWO big pin ups while DUET only has ONE so i guess ... a big pin up poster cost a dollar (.___.)
so for JUNE's DUET! the big pin up is Kajani 8 & KAT-TUN! :D so i put up KAT-TUN! :D AKAME~

and i'm still planning to visit Kinokuniya again on 8th December :x i'll see if there's JANUARY's DUET/POTATO :x i dont think it'll come out that soon though :\ ohh yes, i already have the JUNE edition of DUET scans for Hey! Say! JUMP (-.-) ohh bother :\ nevermind :\ at least there's that tiny YamaJima picture there :D *nervous laugh* i think i might buy a random Myojo (o.o') maybe September's or May? (o.o') hmmmmm ~ ohh! THERE'S MISAKI IN JUNE'E DUET! i miss him in B.I.Shadow ): that three-some B.I.Shadow is better B(