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Perching On The Soul
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DC outing?!
Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2009 11:51 pm

Mood: Tired :\
Music: Too Shy by Hey! Say! JUMP
Picture feat. YamaJima, posing as Daigo! *pose*

Baby, Baby One More Time
it's suppose to be "Lady, Lady". it's Show Lou's song, apparently.

I SERIOUSLY NEED TO WRITE FINISH A FANFICTION AYE-SAP! :\ YamaJima is dying, but WE NEED TO REVIVE IT BECAUSE IT'S STILL ALIVE! yes, i'm obsessed about them being a couple

ohh yes, today's not really good, because i'm all restless throughout the whole day. i dont know for what reason, i had a frigging stick up my ass, so live with it. i feel so ... bitchy now (-.-) anyway, Gokusen is still the top 10 movies in Singapore for this week :D last week too i think (: and when i flip open i-Weekly today, i saw a MR. BRAIN advertisement, with Takuya Kimura! it's not really an old show, but old enough. but i'm still glad that there's at least something JAPANESE in i-Weekly (: or i'd be more piss, with that stick up my ass. the J-K zone is featuring a Korean so i didnt want to read that section (-.-) but i'm actually reading the Korean Series, Cruel Temptation is it? (: reading is better because it's better to throw the magazine across the room than to smash my house LCD TV right? :D on side note, i think i like Taiwan fandom better, but i absolutely hate korean fandom. live with it, korean fan juniors :D
PS: you can get rid of me by next year when i pass my 'O's B)

so today, there's tuition too (-.-) damn i now know why i hate going to tuesday's tuition (-.-) because there's these stuck-up filthy rich kids always stuffing their mouths while complaining about getting fat. yes, the irony (-.-) so i was sitting behind, happily blasting my iPod, to save my ears from their whining :D


DA GAMA & China Imported Donkey (: 
no, i'm not forgetting about that joke :D