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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Wednesday, 2 December 2009 10:59 pm

Mood: ... BLAHH!
Music: Snow Prince by Snow Prince Gasshoudan
Picture feat. YamaJima in Horikoshi Sports Day x) they are participating in the caterpillar race!

One, Two, Three
*insert random songs here.*

yes, i've been back into the Hey! Say! JUMP fandom/JE fandom for the last few weeks :o to clear my mind but Hey! Say! JUMP is still dead and i'm real sad ): ohhh! Yama-chan has a Johnny's Junior fanboy in Snow Prince Gasshoudan! x) and Takki has two :D Shintaro & that cute little 8 year old xD well, Yuto is also a fanboy of Takki! :D Yama-chan is a fan of Domoto Koichi of Kinki Kids B) alright, i'll stop my fandom talk here :x

And so, tomorrow, i'm meeting Isabel to buy book together, and probably having lunch together! with my brother too of course :D
and i also intend to buy Midnight Blue nail polish for that ... Face Shop at one of CP's corner. :D since my mummy has the membership card and also, i got the shared card! Why the sudden urge to buy Midnight Blue nail polish? actually, i dont know (o.o')
i read Teenage, and they said the lucky nail polish colour = Midnight Blue and i suddenly have that urge (o.o') well, i dont really believe in luck and things like that ... i think. but i thought, 'well, midnight blue is a nice colour, so maybe i'll try!' and than i went to sleep (o.o') what the hell am i doing before sleep?!

i'm also thinking ... should i go for the soon to be OBS DC outing? i mean ... it's far, and i think i feel left out? i dont know. :\ i'll think about it (: if it's really a DC outing, i'm going to bug Jiayan to go with me, i swear! B) if it's a Da Gama outing, i'll think about it (o.o') anyway ... my daddy might not let me out too (-.-)

and so, i'm going to study for my JLPT 4 :\ i decided to copy note from the textbook :o not much of a help because it's all ... common sense to me :x yes, i've never studied for my japanese test. but during class, i listened, so it's okay? AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE CLASS TO RESUME ON 12 DECEMBER! :x supposedly, we're going to learn Japanese from songs :D i might just bug Kenho sensei to pick a JUMP song :D last time he pick SMAP's B) *evil laughter*

Hey! Say! JUMP
during Mayonaka No Shadow Boy photoshoot B)

Yaotome Hikaru(magazine clipping)
YamaJima(Dream Come True PV Making!)