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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 22 December 2009 11:56 pm


HITOMI NO SUKURIN!apparently, it's the theme song for Yama-chan's Hidarime Tantei EYE next year *HUGE grin* damn. it's a super catchy song, and i super LOVE the tune :D it's ... wow i can only hope that it'll become a single :D i dont mind downloading it~ heard the song because of beloved LIVEJOURNAL it helps that i'm stalking loads of communities well, it's only a fanaudio, BUT! it's of quite a good quality :D surprisingly, the fangirls aint shouting that much during the song, only when Yama-chan said "I Love You" that they shouted, REAL LOUD well, it's a fanaudio from the recent Hey! Say! JUMP 09-10 winter tour concert :D


with daddy, mummy and brother! B) it's a wonderful movie and the CG(s) are GREAT i love the night view because everything they touched will light-up! how cool is that? but as a result of the movie, i have a sore butt (-.-) and a major headache to go with it :o but ohh well. before the movie, went to the ARCADE and played x) we played that motorcycle game twice before proceeding to air hockey! :D and than, guess what?! we played Dance Dance Revolution! xD for the first time :D and it's like ... wow it's kind of cool xD better than the other one where you'd have to move your hands, butt etc. too bad there wasnt a jubeat machine there D: i want to play jubeat! *rush to Plaza Singapura to play*

Tuition sucked as usual (: i thankfully blasted my iPod :D MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! than i'm back home, dead beat. (-.-) tomorrow i intend to reach Fo Guang Shan at 8.30am (o.o') will they be opened? :o *wonders* anyway, i should do 10 hours tomorrow, so i'll be left with only 8 hours! :D *does the happy dance* alright and now, i'm addicted to the Skip Beat manga (x_x) well, that's bad because i've yet to complete TONS of homework (-.-)

i had a good laugh at the new school uniform too xD together with Sandy :D the new uniform for the girls are ... revolting(?) maybe that's too strong a word. it's ... disgusting! :x seriously ... (._____.) we've cleared all those dried up paint in the Guides Den too :o and i think i'm going to hate the new principle (-.-) no ASP for next year. wtf?! i should be greatful?! yea shit. WE NEED ASP! D: how are we going to pass our 'O's without ASP?! NO SHIT SHERLOCK! (-.-) pissed :\ and school's not opening on Saturdays too, next year (-.-) w.t.f

that's how he's going to look like in the up-coming drama, Hidarime Tantei EYE!

little moment from Hey! Say! JUMP FIRST photobook :D