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YAMAJIMA! +pic spam
Date: Monday, 30 November 2009 11:13 pm

Mood: SHOCKED ):
Music: Seishun Amigo by YamaJima
Picture feat. Fan-Made(?) YamaJima kiss! :D

BitterSweet, Angst filled or just simply Full-of-Fluff

SORRY! I JUST NEED TO FLOOD MY WHOLE BLOG POST WITH YAMAJIMA BECAUSE I JUST READ A REALLY SAD YAMAJIMA FANFIC (T-T) it started off so sweet, and yet, omg. why did i read the ending ): i feel like crying now. i cant ... NO! now i'm going to flood my phone with YamaJima too >,< thank god that the photobook, has YamaJima! and i want to kill Johnny (-.-) i'm freaking pissed at him. I WANT YAMAJIMA! ): and now, i'm also going back to my fantasy lala land because i'm going to think up more YamaJima FLUFF to replace that angst filled story ): i dont like the ending ):

so i'm putting up a picture spam at pig-ture! linking up after the picspam is done! :\

EDIT: here's my picspam! :D CLICK HERE FOR PICSPAM!
WARNING major yamajima :D
if you dont like BL/YAOI of real people, dont press it :x and stay way from my picture blog for some time xD