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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Friday, 6 November 2009 9:27 pm

Mood: ANIME! :3
Music: Star Time by Hey! Say! JUMP
Currently watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Because we have no where else to go
so we will just move forward.

GIRL GUIDES in the morning! :x i think it's okays ... i guess? :x anyway~ we had loads/heaps/much to do! busybusybusybusybusy! crap what about my homework?! blahh blahh~ currently, i'm enjoying my time watching and drowning myself with ANIME! :3 currently trying to catch up with Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, since i've finished re-watching and understanding the first anime season of Full Metal Alchemist :D WITHIN TWO WORKING DAYS! :D i personally like to think that i'm a full time OTAKU (^-^)v on a side note, my brother is watching some paraniod Kamen Rider movie ... omg! i think after i catch up with Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, i'll be off to dorama (^-^)v since i have to finish watching Gokusen 3 before i watch Gokusen the Movie on the big screen! :D and so now, i'll be off to my anime marathon :D ohh! and i'm going back to Park View tomorrow! YAY!