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Perching On The Soul
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manly vocals!
Date: Wednesday, 25 November 2009 9:05 pm

Mood: BLAHH~
Music: One Love by Arashi
Chatting with Aloysius Kor & Yuuki-Juliet!
Picture feat. me, jiayan, isabel & sandy!

Sore throat
equals to my current manly vocals!

wooo! MY VOCALS ARE SUPER MANLY NOW! well, that's according to Aloy kor B) i told him that it's sexy vocals, but he said it's manly :x *laughs* oh yes, after i blogged just now, i went for lunch, and when i came back, i did my homework, after that i ate my med.s and than i slept for 2 hours straight (o.o') waking up in between to answer a call from mummy asking what i want to eat (o.o') *laughs* than i woke up when mummy came back (: and i woke up with a headache (o.o') head feels so heavy! ): like going to faint (-.-) and now, my shoulders are killing me ): it's so pain! D: *i feel like an old lady* anyway, had KATSU-DON (カツどん) for dinner! :D de-licious! (: than~ chatting with Aloy & Aiko-chan! :D a few more hours before JASPER & CHEE ZHENG COMES BACK! :D