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Perching On The Soul
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D. Gray-man new chapter out!
Date: Sunday, 1 November 2009 7:05 pm

and I continue to pray.

so ... today was alright? xD tomorrow's the start of bridging! D: i seriously feel oh-so-lazy ): ohh on a side note, i think i'm too addicted to Yullen that ShikaTema & SasuNaru aint making me interested D: *lowers head* they are just too cute together, maybe even more cute that YamaJima. *murdered* OKAYS! my phone seriously just died (-.-) today went to Sim Lim tower to actually check out the price of those Japanese Handphones and guess what? i have tough luck (-.-) the price is FOUR FREAKING DIGITS D: *mutters curses at Sharp* ahhh~ I DRANK A BOTTLE OF CHOCOLATE MILK DOWN JUST NOW! (^-^)v ahhh ... i want D.Gray-man! ): *pouts* November is finally here! (^-^)v god knows how much i LOVE November (^-^)v for a particular reason, which, D.gray-man getting out of haitus!
OKAY SCRATCH THAT! D.GRAY-MAN'S NEW CHAPTER WAS OUT, LIKE SINCE YESTERDAY! WTF?! OMG! *faints of heart attack & bliss* so now i'm a happy fan girl :D and i should seriously re-read the back part of the manga because i'm still a tiny winy blur :x