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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Sunday, 18 October 2009 2:06 pm

this is just random, i swear.

damn! i'm sooooooooo bored right not face26 anyway, i'm highly amused by the latest K.O 3anguo! hehehehe man, i love the ending for this episode heartyeyes *hint: shounen-ai* today was okay? ohh god. it's soooooooooooooooo warm today >_< displeased by the fact. :< yay! i dont have to go to school tomorrow! hehehehe but i'll miss someone though *coughesuomrmcough* ohh gosh. i dont have anyone commenting teardrop  that's sad. not even that Li Jia Yan that stalks my blog came to comment! ;O; *i'mkiddingalright?* seriously. i think LJ is userfriendly, but it's a real drag creating the mood theme, I SWEAR. *O* it took me half-an hour to actually finish copying and paste all the codes for my mood theme! ._.;; kind of terrifying D: than again, in LJ, i can use these kawaii emoji(s) {flower4leafcloverbirdpenguinfishwinepigfacehorseunavailablesecrethimitsumelodyNG} i downloaded for my firefox! catface  since i only have the LJ  script, but anyway. ALRIGHT! i seriously think that i'll get real bored tomorrow~ and i'll be teaching my brother SCIENCE, for the sake of swimming chickens and flying pigs ._.;;  i just hope he'll survive the ordeal with me being his teacher ^_^;;