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Perching On The Soul
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say "no" to global warming!
Date: Wednesday, 21 October 2009 11:29 am

because it's freaking hot at the equator! >@

damn! now the first thing i ever do when i wake up is actually tie my hair (.___.) it's terrible! (T-T) and i dont own a fan in my room. only an air-con than will only be on for 3 hours per night (-___-') which is bad. after i wake up, i drank two diluted-and-cold reibena! (^-^)v which in turn, resulted in my current stomach ache. probably because of the sudden heat change in the stomach or something (-.-) ohh well~ i'm almost done on D. Gray-man! (o.o!) ohh god! I DONT WANT! (T-T) i want an ending for D. Gray-man soon (T-T) because it has no ending, like duhh? aftter D. Gray-man i'll start watching this week's Bleach episode than ... maybe i'll catch up on some dorama(s) :D and i'd like to find the score for Allen's piece :D muwahahahs! it's like so nice and ... sad ): anyway, i'm back on D. Gray-man! the creators sure knows when to stop on an episode to let us keep watching it (-.-) and also, i'm highly amused at the Allen and Kanda argument scenes :D no wonder there's so many Yullen fans out there~