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Perching On The Soul
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Exams ):
Date: Thursday, 8 October 2009 6:24 pm

Mood: Sick ):
Music: Love So Sweet by ARASHI
Picture feat. Hikaru papa and Yabu mama & Yamajima's baby Ryutaro :D

Guinea Pigs Whistles!
hamsters are cuter though.

muwahahahs! alright something random :D I can imagine Arioka Daiki doing Asia no Yoru (o.o') and there's this tiny winy YamaJima in WinkUp's interview :D just sooooo tiny! D: gosh :\ anyway, school is alright? :x we practically had free time for the whole day, for the sake of swimming chickens and flying pigs! (o.o') i cant believe it :o i was doing maths for 3 straight hours in the beginning, than after recess i started to become restless :x and during chinese, we watched 不能说的秘密 :D it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice :D *laughs* i dont know why but yeap, it's nice :D we LOVE the part where both man danced TANGO together! :P Shounen-ai anyway, tomorrow's FRIDAY! :o which means, my exams are too close to be true ): *faints* ohh god the tension is too high D: and and! i'm afraid of my maths D: i'm afraid of Trigonometry D: i think i'm drilling myself 24 hours for the next few days ): but not negleting other subjects duhh. ohh god. MONDAY'S BIOLOGY AND E MATHS PAPER1 ! D:

Monday: Biology & 'E' Maths Paper 1
Tuesday: Social Studies & 'A' Maths
Wednesday: Chemistry & Geography
Thursday: Physics
Friday: 'E' Maths Paper 2