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dying phone
Date: Saturday, 24 October 2009 4:30 pm

Dying Phone
stupid battery (-.-)

previous post is ... rants (o.o') alright now now. I think i love Sim Lim Tower (^-^)v did i mention it before? because it's selling Japanese phone, i swear (^-^) because i saw it at the ground floor (^A^)v i'm going back to Sim Lim tower next week, so i can check that phone out! muwahahahahs! and also, next week's the last session for my Intermidiate 2 Japanese class! (T-T) i'll continue it (^-^)v and i am yet to pay for the order for the photobook. oh no. that's really bad. I wonder if my father will buy it for me because ... my results sucks. (;A;) hmms. holidays coming! YAY!