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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Monday, 19 October 2009 7:35 pm

Badminton tomorrow anyone?
because my mother wants me to exercise.

i swear my mummy's evil (.__.) anyway, this computer has no EMOJI! (T^T) apparently, i've officially killed my current computer, and now i'm using the nobody's laptop beside my daddy's computer (o.o') blahh blahh. (-.-) anyway, i swear, IE is no nice to use! ]: my LJ looks SERIOUSLY nicer in MFF, so please convert to MFF! (^-^)V

First of all, IE is :
  • laggish
  • slow
  • no extra application
  • have terrible looking tool bars
so yeap, MFF is for me (^-^)V because i'm using the fox theme, which is so kawaii! (^-^)V but all i have now is IE so too bad~ ohhh! and i almost died today teaching my brother science. it's terror (T-T) *shivers* after teaching him, i went ahead to watch D.Grayman (^-^)V because it's soooooo nice! muwahahahahahahahs! Kanda x Allen :D i dont think i'll rant much now :x ohh! GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROW'S PAPER, CHEE ZHENG! (^-^)V i know he'll come hounding about being mentioned here, but it's called encouragement! i think i'm seriously going crazy because ... i'm actually looking forward to go to school (o_o') which is seriously weird, for me (o_o') than again, this year isnt the most normal for me so yeap (^-^) i think i'm going to watch my D.Grayman now! :D they're finding Cross M. now! :DD