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5 days of 'NO SCHOOL'
Date: Saturday, 17 October 2009 10:29 am

jumps with joy peacenosign

yayness! hehehehesoo extra happy today!catface i woke up by myself at 7 plus! ._.;; *Miracle, Miracle~melody* ohh just saw VANESSA at Heartland mall in the morning kidding muwahahahs!yummyface kind of cool, since it's actually the first time that i see 3I classmates outside school sign4 than again, i'm being all bored at home typhoon which is bad ^_^;; and i'm bugging my mother for a new pair of specs eyes because i know that me degree has rised, and! i'm inspired to REALLY buy a black full framed specs and might start wearing it 24/7!!:Dever since i saw the papa. pictures of Yama-chan wearing those specs in his school. BUT! that's out of the point already. -_- and mummy actually agrees buying me a new pair of spces!!pigface but i'll have to wait till December anger but i think i cant wait DD: ohh my unfriendly handphone is being really unfriendly today, constantly off-ing and on-ing punch2 pissing me off till no end. ON ANOTHER SIDE NOTE! i've rented the book "Where Rainbow Ends"! book1 FINALLY!

i officially announce me as addicted to using LiveJournal ^_^;; *ROFL!* my father just did something really HILARIOUS arrowup he imitated the Tiger Beer CM xD