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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Monday, 21 September 2009 9:28 pm

Mood: wants more holiday! *insert spoilt brat face*
Music: Eien Ni, YamaJima style~

We need more Holidays! SAVE TREES! STOP EXAMS!

alright, yesterday's malaysia trip was super disappointing! ): it's totally boring because almost all the places are closed because of the public holiday, and moreover, we were there with a bunch of senior citizens (-.-) i dont understand why i agreed to go anyway. but at least i bought this really colourful bag (o.o') i'll never bring it to school anyway. too colourful than i had fun doing my new hobby on the bus :D it's called SPOT YAMAJIMA! :D *yayness~* it's quite hard to spot, but there will still be really minor YamaJima moments :B *evil laugh* and spotting them really makes my day :D and somehow, i managed to persuade daddy to buy me the photobook for my birthday present! :D BUT! on one condition (o.o') which is, now we're having a 10-point system, which represents JUMP's 10 member and probably on 9th October, if i still have points left, even if it's 1 point, i'll be able to buy it! :D so it's behaviour that counts :o i'll try not to shout and scream and yesterday at night, YES 93.3FM PLAYED HEY! SAY! JUMP's MAYONAKA NO SHADOW BOY AT THE JPOP SECTION AND I WAS JUMPING AROUND THE HOUSE AND KITCHEN CRAZILY! :D omg! and they are the youngest artises to sing at Tokyo DOME ALRIGHT?! :D MUWAHAHAHAHAH! *fan girl mode* anyway, today wasnt much :o i have tution tomorrow (-.-) and i'm not really feeling well (-.-) seems like i'm very prone to getting a fever anytime now :\ now i'm off to hunt for YamaJima-ness :3