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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Thursday, 17 September 2009 6:56 pm

Mood: Sick :\
Music: Hey! Say! by Hey! Say! 7 (temp.)
Picture feat. Arioka Daiki and Okamoto Keito from Hey! Say! JUMP (:

Dont question a question. Now, that's a question

so, i didnt go to school, again, today (-.-) it's well, argh D: was at home with daddy (: apparently, he has a toothache(?) and had fever because of it (o.o') i dont know how, probably some nerve thing :o and so yeap, we were at home :o and the whole day was sleep, eat, rest, use computer :x *laughs* well, doctor said rest :x so i just did that (: anyway, i'm going back to school tomorrow :o two days missing out at school is just too ... much? ): at least i can skip PE :B okay, it depends :x ahh .. i think i'll go PE anyway (: unless i feel the pain coming back :o like now and i might change to Live Journal :o okay, maybe not :o ... depends xD i'm so bored now ): and there's like so many things to revise at home! D: i'll revise my biology later on, and do some maths :o ahhh~ i'm a good girl AND I MISS PEOPLE! :x missing alot alot alot of people :x tomorrow's Guides session is from 1pm - 4pm! PLEASE TAKE NOTE! :x