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Perching On The Soul
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of Welcomes, Trigo & Tumbler!
Date: Tuesday, 8 September 2009 9:51 pm

Mood: OHH YES! :D
Music: Hey! Say! by Hey! Say! 7 *temp.*
Video feat. Arashi beat box! :D cool & hilarious :D


yay! they are coming back today! :D and tomorrow's Mr Wu's consultation! :o and i havent finished the trigo worksheet ): *mops around* i should seriously stop hanging around on the computer :\ and holidays are already half-way through! D: i seriously need to keep up with my homework ): and revisions as well ): and i'm yet to download Mr Wu's past year papers to do! D: omg. i fail as a student (T-T) and MSN is dying on me. i cant login! D: what the hell?! (*^)*#$@$@#$ !!!! it's so sad D: ohh! and i found someone that is ordering the Hey! Say! JUMP TUMBLER! :D OMG! :D it's 4 bucks more, which is like 29 bucks, but i want it! :x not that i'm rich or something :o it's just that my water bottle is seriously going to die on me anytime :o that's why :x and i'm unable to finish my Micky Mouse puzzle by tonight D: argh! D: