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m(_ _)m
Date: Sunday, 27 September 2009 8:11 pm

Mood: WARM! D:
Music: It's You by Super Junior
Picture feat. Hey! Say! JUMP

Transparent + Transparent = BLUE
quoted from my brother (:

i'm finally back to blog! :D didnt have the mood to actually blog the past few days, because i was seriously sad/pissed D: i didnt get my tumbler because apparently, she forgot to bring my tumbler *dont ask* and yesterday, i cant meet her because she's not feeling well ... (-.-) so i was officially pissed off till no end and well, friday wasnt exactly a really good day because i was pissed at a certain teacher (-.-) blahh blahh. today was alright? my phone has reached it's limit D: it's turning on and off and off and on, continuously (@-@) i'll try begging for a phone~ m(_ _)m *laughs* than again, today i got a set of colourpencils! :D so cool! :D and i still have to finish my biology! :o and chinese. ARGH! *faints* alright, i want to watch D. Gray-man! D: ALLEN & KANDA! :3 alright. i might go on an haitus (;-;) watch out for my haitus notice~ :x