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LG KF350 (L)!
Date: Saturday, 19 September 2009 4:20 pm

Music: Real Face by KAT-TUN
Picture feat. White LG KF350! :3

Be mine, Be mine. That's my mantra.

OMG! :D i love this phone like so much :x i compared it with my current phone HERE :D it's just a little bit more heavier than my current phone :x this phone is too nice for its own good :B *laughs* if mummy doesnt want to change, i'll change! :D weeee~ if not i'll wait till next year's March :o which means, i'll have to find newer phones to change to :o which apparently, i dont want. unless it's Samsung's SGH-F480 *as i mentioned in my past post* alright! i found a pre-order for Hey! Say! JUMP's FIRST photobook! :D + Message DVD! :3 and it cost like 34 bucks! *shippment fee from Japan to SG not included* OMG! I'm already saving up! :o but i dont think that there's enough money, yet :x ahhh~ i need to save MOAR! :x ahh~ and exams are coming and i'm going to buck up my physics, chemistry and maths all at the same time :o impossible? or possible? :o i dont freaking know ): chemistry is possible at least :o because i understand quite a bit :o but for physics, i'm not sure ): i need to pass it. and my maths ... please i have to at least pass my 'E' maths! (T-T) 'A' maths need to SCORE! :o so i need more revision (-.-) so i'm mugging on maths, today and monday :o because i'm going to malaysia tomorrow ): i'll probably bring something to read/do on the bus :o since i'm like waking up at 4-5am plus :o and well, we need to gather at the place at 6am in the freaking morning (-.-) and i cant update twitter for the whole day! D: that's the worst thing ever! D: *sobs* ahhh~