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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Sunday, 6 September 2009 11:02 pm

Mood: Missing him! ):
Music: Gou Ai by Dong Cheng Wei feat. a Chord


I miss YOUUUUUUUU! ): tomorrow's the piano exam! i have to go for the exam with my left wrist in terrible condition ): okay, it's not really very bad, but it's really pain ): and it's like going very randomly (-.-) sometimes, it's really pain ): and than sometimes it's okay! D: argh! ): so sad ): moreover i'm really scared about tomorrow ): ohh gosh ): but i'm lucky that someone wished me good luck and someone is rooting for me while he's there (: i do hope that he remembers and well, wish me good luck in his mind after tomorrow, THERE'S ONLY ONE MORE DAY LEFT TO WEDNESDAY! :D and i have tution on tuesday (-.-) and i still owe Mr Wu he's Trigonometry worksheet! D: i need to buck up! i must not lose to someone that will actually want to torture himself before going to camp! i want to finish my Mickey Mouse jigsaw puzzle by Tuesday night! I dont careeeeee~ :D ohh and thankq Mr Chan Chee Zheng for accompanying me these pass few days :P