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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Wednesday, 26 August 2009 5:30 pm

Mood: HAPPY/satisfied~
Music: Nantoka Narusa by NewS

You're like the Sun to my World

school was alright i guess (: i feel better than any other days today! :D i managed to get pass my geography test and chinese ting xie, with a lot of struggle (x.x') Celestine was saying, "Mao Ce" and we encountered the boys toilet (o.o') it's like bringing back the past~ *laughs* and well, my chinese ting xie went well! :D *jumps with joy* ohhohh! and well, recess is love *laughs* i was talking to Isabel qing ai de in different places :D she was at the stairs, and i was at the railing above the stairs :D so it looked like we're talking to ourselves :P totally hilarious :B muwahaha! than went back to class for LCE (: it's about JOBS! :o ehh not really interesting :\ but it's still LCE, a non-examination subject xD than Maths was free time again! :D omg what happened to Mr Wu?! ): anyway, sandy and i shifted and went behind to talk :D Sandy conquered Yu Xiang's chair (o.o') i dragged my chair over :P and Yu Xiang kidnapped a random chair (o.o') *laughs* and both of us vandalised Yu Xiang's student companion! :D so fun and funny! and Sandy, Hong Wei and Yu Xiang are evil! they were saying about how fun the Perak Camp will be infront of me, when i cant go! D: evil people! ): and there were lots of random discussions at the back which is totally hilarious :D than it was Chemistry which passed by quite quickly (: than Biology was disgusting! ): I swear i was going to puke on the spot! than after that it's home sweet home! :D