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Perching On The Soul
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sick D:
Date: Monday, 3 August 2009 3:09 pm

Mood: Sick D:
Music: Blue Tuesday by KAT-TUN
How sick: Running to the toilet almost every hour ):
Playing: Pet Society
Fawning over: Parings and Fanfictions (:
Surprised at: Sandy's new discovery in school! xD

alrights! i have this really terrible stomach ache ): imagine visiting the toilet numerous times in the morning befor i go to schoo (-.-) ended up, mummy said "Go eat medicine and sleep" and i did that (: now feeling better, but am still running to visit Toilet-san :\ awwww! Chrisminie i love you to the max too :D mummy and brother is at home today too~ mummy's not feeling well and brother is on 2 days MC (as stated perviously) dont worraye people! :D i'm going back to school tomorrow :D i cant miss the chance to di siao some people :D *smiles innocently, not* the things at pet society are rocking-aye! :D anyway, i think i'm a fan of all JE boys now :B but Hey! Say! JUMP stays as my NUMBER ONE! ohh no, my NDP thing ... argh