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Perching On The Soul
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should i?
Date: Friday, 21 August 2009 11:26 pm

Mood: Feeling better :D
Music: -NIL- (.__.)
Miscellaneous: 75 days & counting

I had fun making puzzles on MSN with chee zheng! :D we completed one in 22 minues, the second one ... we didnt complete it, even after like ... 1 hour? (.___.) *laughs* it's his attempt to cheer me up :D before that he was like, "ELIMINATE COMPETITOR!" xD *inside joke* it's totally hilarious :D thankq chee zheng for being there for me :D if not i would've emo'd down to the ground and you'd never see Jeslyn again (.__.) after that we played checkers :D but he need to log off :\ and he successfully made me addicted to MSN's games (-.-) and Audition is rocking with the window mode and portable wardrobe :D although i didnt play today :\ okay, my headache is coming back and my stomach is aching too ): what the hell's wrong with me?! ARGH! D: and tomorrow i'm going to Singapore's Matsuri Festival! :D i think it's at Changi's Japanese culture thing or something :x *laughs* hope i'll get to wear a yukata :D

alright, i'm currently seriously pondering if i should just go ahead and take the first step ahead and just ... confess. It's been bugging me for quite a long time ): sandy told me, "If you dont say it, he'll never know." than i thought, 'If he dont know, and i continue to wait, i might never have the chance to tell him anymore.' So it's just like i'm thinking, maybe i have to take this chance and risk to tell him. But than again, getting rejected isnt something we encounter everyday. so that's what's making me have second thoughts ): anyway, tag me your suggestions :D