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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Friday, 7 August 2009 12:06 pm

Mood: Nerve-wreaking :\
Music: Dreams Come True by Hey! Say! JUMP
Cursing: People with no life that they set off virus at FB & Twitter (-.-)
Playing: Pet Society @ FB

Without calling it love, without knowing my dreams, I look at you from a distance. Forever and ever and ever.

The above is actually translated from Hey! Say! JUMP's "Too Shy" :D it goes as, "Ai to yobenai de, Yume to shiranai de, Kimi wo mitsumeteta. Zuto, zuto, zuuto itsudemo~♪" it's a really sad song even though it doesnt sound like it :x anyway, I WOKE UP AT 5.45am TODAY! :D i'm so happy (: and i woke up at the second time when my alarm rang~ *♪ Kochi muite yo cherri~* than i ate my cereal, go bathe, wear my uniform, iron my scarf, tie my scarf, anyhow tie up my hair than went out :D than i'm so happy that i'm in school so early xD muwahahaha :B than saw man ting and started to tie our hair than we waited~ :x we had to wear the gloves too D: and i hate the gloves (-.-) and the flags are new! :D *jumps with joy~* than it's all so scary :x when it started, i was still okay :o but! when it's me untying the rope, my hands were shivering! D: omg :x than when i finish, i think i did okay today :D and we were syncronised too, today! :D YAY! :D and when i was just standing there, i just kept on staring at a certain someone (: it's not like i'll get caught staring at him right, right? than after that, i went to change :D it's so freaking warm (-.-)

after that waited for awhile than went down to the courtyard :D i was in hyper mode! :D i participated in the CATAPILLAR RACE! ~♪ :D so fun (: we were shouting, "3! i! 3! i!" :D '3' for right, 'i' for left :D it's totally hilarious ~♪  and it's totally fun :D than we rested, and went up to the second level and i dont know what were they doing :o *it's true alright?!* and i was looking at someone~♪ i wonder if i got caught staring :x ahahahah :x *scratches head* after that was DISMISSAL! :D at dismissal, i felt like crying D: not because of national day, like duhh? (-.-) i just felt terribly upset D: ohh well :\ than went home yea :D later i'm eating SUBWAY with my little brother :D wahahahaha! :D ohh! and twitter and FB got attacked by virus D: stupid people with no life (-.-) but at least FB still can play pet society :o but i cant update my twitter D: *cries* hope twitter & FB recovers soon ):