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MY TUMBLER! T-T & Da Vinci Exhibition!
Date: Thursday, 13 August 2009 5:46 pm

Mood: Terrible ):
Music: Itoshi no Playgirl by Ya-ya-yah
Crying because: The second pre-order for Hey! Say! JUMP's summer concert goods is canceled, so is my tumbler ): *wails*

Seriously, i bawled my eyes out for a good long time when i found out that the pre-order was canceled ): and i was so looking forward to next month D: awwwwwws ): nevermind :\ i'll wait for the photobook! and the fall concert :x i'm trying very hard to look on the bright side! :\ anyway, I FOUND THIS! :D it's on the magazine, POTATO~ :B muwahahah! YamaJima~ alrights, I MISS CASSANDRA *CHOO* ! D: she's coming back tomorrow (: and i wish her mama gets well soon too (: ohh! and school is alright today (: I managed to survive :D muwahahaha! (: and today, maths we learnt ARC LENGTH ! :O it was manageable :D i would've been much much much more happier if my tumbler was ordered (-.-) and our 3i "OUTING" is confirmed! :D we're going to the Da Vinci exhibition~ :3 YAYNESS! :D hope it'll be actually fun! :D Vanessa extorted 6 bucks from me and I only left 70 cents! :O hahs! :x it's an inside joke (: and i'm probably having dinner with sandy~ WHO WANTS TO JOIN US?! :D