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Matsuri Festival!
Date: Saturday, 22 August 2009 10:17 pm

Mood: Happy?
Music: One Love by Arashi
Miscellaneous: 76 days & counting

Getting hopes too high aint a good thing.

Japanese class totally rocked today :D we might be singing the DORAEMON theme song next lesson to learn Japanese xD *totally hilarious* after that went walking around in Heartland Mall (: I feel so tempted to rent the book Where Rainbow Ends by Cecelia Aherns :x it looks so damn nice to read! :o than after that went to fetch my brother and cousin (.___.) and my daddy anyhow accused me (-.-) so pissed of (-.-) went grandmummy's house for lunch yea :o than went home to sleep (-.-) i think i'm alleric to afternoons because it's in the afternoons that i get my headaches ): ohh i hate the heat (-.-) than after that went ahead to fetch mummy and had really early dinner :D than bring my brother to my uncle's house and bring daddy back home~ after that mummy and i went to the Matsuri Festival! :D

the festival's like so cool! :D alot of people is actually wearing yukatas! i want one :\ well, i got a Japan Airlines Uchiwa (o.o') *laughs* than we walked around looking :D and i suck at the yo-yo game ): i didnt get that balloon yo-yo! D: i wanted it desperatly :\ a kid actually have like 5-6 yo-yos? omg D: i actually lost to a Japanese kid (.___.) nevermind! i'll go there next year and get one next year! :x *laughs* ohh and i got ice-cream~ :D yayness! :B apparently, the ice-cream melts at a really slow rate (o.o') it seems like it didnt melt at all! :o so cool right? :D i didnt manage to rent a yukata ): it's rented all out :\ i might buy one by next year though :x *laughs* i want to watch Bleach :\