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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 4 August 2009 8:03 pm

Mood: Nerve-wreaked D:
Music: Rush of Light by KAT-TUN

you got older by a year! you must grow up NOW! *points* yay! my forever kor kor (: *evil laughs* school was wow (o.o') it's terror (-.-) in the morning it was really nerve wreaking i was pulling the school flag (T-T) which, is apparently too slow (-.-) ARGH! D: than, back to geography class, you can practically see the question marks above my head (-.-) than jiayan was "bragging" about her "art" (-.-) hahs xD it was totally hilarious (: than after that it was the much dreaded English lesson (-.-) she's currently teaching this thing called, SPEECH (-.-) something about "I have a dream" or what (-.-) it's boring like hell, but i was trying VERY hard to listen :o and i drew two couples :D one is a boy hugging a girl from behind, so it's kind of like they are going to take a picture (: the other drawing is actually a boy and girl kissing xD i'm proud of the kissing scene :D I'M BRAGGING IT TO JIAYAN TOMORROW! :D *evil laugh* maths was terrifying (T-T) Recess was ... moderate? I ATE BAKED RICE AND ROTI PRATA! :D and jiayan, you should let the WELFARE people, hui peng, eat the roti prata first xD *People from Da Gama will get the JOKE!* it's true anyway :P ask people who went to OBS and is in Da Gama if you want to UNDERSTAND the joke xD than maths test, i think i'll only get that 6 given marks (-.-) than Biology, it's totally hilarious, and i think breads are cool! :D Chemistry was lab (o.o') ARGH!

after that, searched for Aloy kor in the canteen and wished him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D muwahahahs (: than went home, put bag and went to take sweet from Chee Zheng :D He bribed my to go to school today with sweets! i cant believe it! :x than i wore my GG Uniform and went for Piano class than rushed to school :o  the rehersal was ... OMG! :x scary! D: