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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Sunday, 16 August 2009 12:03 am

Mood: waiting
Music: Shoujo-S by Scandal
Playing: Pet Society on FB


de-code the above! :D it's JESLYN's language :D *laughs* i'm officially broke today (-.-) because my Japanese Language Proficency Test cost 45 bucks (-.-) daddy forked out 40 bucks and i paid 5 bucks myself ): 5bucks means alot to me! I'm enjoying Twitter on Mobile :D anyway, today it's quite ... monotonous xD except the fact that I kept thinking about yesterday~♥ I'm absolutly happy :D sweet sweet memories♥ and Chee Zheng really likes to tease me (-.-) and of course, I tease him back :P but at least he listens to my rants xD wahahaha! :D tomorrow we're celebrating grandmummy's birthday~ :D and 6 08 2009 is my 8th month anniversary in SINGLEHOOD :x good and bad at the same time :o haha! good as in I managed to LIVE my life alone :D bad as in no one is interested in me (-.-) haha! joking alright? :D