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Perching On The Soul
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Da Vinci exhibition :D
Date: Friday, 14 August 2009 10:48 pm

Music: Star Time by Hey! Say! JUMP

and I blush when our eyes met.

I AM UBER HAPPY TODAY! class was the same :D fun and yeap, there were also boring parts. like english anyway, I DID PE AND WE GIRLS PLAYED RUGBY! AND MY HEAD TESTED THE BALL AND IT'S SOFT! thanks to alexia xD haha :D anyway, the exhibition rocks! :D Da Vinci YOU ROCK SOCKS! xD *laughs* i was about to faint when i see all the informations! :o but it's really interesting :D after me and sandy finished the Da Vinci exhibition, we went ahead to the other Science Center exhibitions :D we enjoyed most of our time at the Biology part :D with the body parts and viruses :D *laughs* it's totally hilarious! and it's fun~ than we went to the Science Center's shop :D sandy and i were looking at some cool cards and mr yuxiang came towards us with a lizard and i screamed (-.-) than zhengda did an encore with a crab :o than i had a DOLPHIN FIGHT with yuxiang xD muwahahahaha! the Dolphin's month can open and close at the press of a lever, i think it's a lever :o haha xD than i used it to bite his ear xD which he commented that it's not pain :o than i also tried it on hongwei and zhengda :D hohohohoh! :D than sandy found some disgusting insects and zhengda gladly took and and put it infront of me :o and yuxiang came after me with a huge spider in his hands :o *shiver* basically, we were in there playing with what ever that we see it's fun :D it's totally hilarious :D and! after that we had mcflurry~

Ms Teng also bought it too xD hahahaha! :D and also, we secretly sat at yuxiang's table and he didnt notice xD than when he turn back her was like, "ehh i thought your were sitting there!" and we were also talking quite loudly behind him! it's totally hilarious :D and his handphone is so cool! (-.-) no fair! :o on the bus, Mansoor started with his Biology thrm. xD which we were laughing to it :D and well, on the bus was too hilarious :D and i was peeking at someone :D and i think i was caught peeking :x hehes :x we reached school at about 7 plus and i went to have dinner with sandy! :D than went home :D and here i am~ wahahaha! :D