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Perching On The Soul
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Chiongster xD
Date: Wednesday, 12 August 2009 10:28 pm

Mood: Accomplished :D
Music: Crazy Rainbow by Tackey & Tsubasa
What have I done : CHIONGED 4 REFLECTION FOR NYAA! *clapsclapsclaps*
Photo feat. : Yamada Ryosuke :3 *chuuuuu*

YES! I've finished my NYAA :B I'm sucha chiongster~ xD muwahahaha! :D ohh! i'm cursing my computer for not letting me download the e-magazine of Yuto & Ryosuke D: i need someone to send it to me! :O *finds LJ friends* anyway, school was so terrible today! D: i just cant keep myself up from sleeping (-.-) its just too terrible D: cassandra wasnt in school! (T-T) ahh ... anyway chemistry test was alright? i totally forgot my ionic equations D: shitzxc.. aufhaiugfsaigba! :O ohh! and i've ordered my Hey! Say! JUMP Summer Concert Tumbler :3 weee~ and! i'm going to torture mummy into signing all my biology tests xD which is about 6? :D muwahahaha! :D alrights people! it's time to sleep! :O ohh! and i've sync twitter to my phone~ :D yayness~ xD