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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 5:35 pm

Mood: Tired
Music: Star Time by Hey! Say! JUMP
Craving for: Ichigo Flavoured Hello Panda, Chocolate Pockey and Honey Stars :o
Playing: Pet Society :D

school was alrights today! :D yahoo! (: physics i got pass nicely :D i understand! than Geography was alright? xD thanks to Jiayan and Sandy :D jiayan, the name tommy is not nice! :b than after that was chinese, which was me doodling on Cassandra's book on the page named by her, "The JESLYN Page" xD *laughs* it's hilarious (: and i covered it with alot of japanese words :D and one of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy's lyrics :D than recess was rice~ than chemistry, which resulted to a restless sandy, and i was laughing away xD and Maths was terror (-.-) LCE was hilarious :x almost the whole class is "infected" with HIV! :o hilarious :D than biology was ... ARGH!

it hurts so much ):