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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 14 July 2009 3:26 pm

Mood: HAPPY & sleepy (x.x)
Music: Your Seed by Hey! Say! JUMP
Featuring: Ryo-chan and Yuuto-kun :D *support this paring!*

alrights! school was alright today (: woke up with blood-shot eyes D: it was really terrible ): than dragged myself to school, and conveniently forgetting to eat breakfast (-.-) i was a good girl because i pinned up my fringe! :D yay~ walked to school with SAMANTHA :D because just nice see her (: than somehow dragged myself up to classroom and went down to crap with isabel (: sooo~ For Humanities, it's like normal? it's BLOODY SUNDAY (o.o') wasnt really paying much attention because i was using too much strenght keeping myself awake ): than it was english :O apparently, Chitra likes to change groups, so my original group consisted of: Sandy, Celine, Jocelyn, Cassandra, Celestine and myself. but later on, Chitra happily pulled Sandy and Celine away and replaced them with Bai Yi Tian Shi *Yu Xiang* & Ah Gong *Han Yong* :O so ended up, it's me happily bullying Ah Gong by banging the table and not letting him write, with the help of Yu Xiang who shook the table vigorously xD and they had a staring contest, were i was happily looking back and fore and laughing away before they laugh xD they started laughing when Farah asked, "Is there sparks flying?" xD than most of english was group work, which was hilarious xD ah gong was sitting opposite of me, and yu xiang was sitting beside me :O so yea :O

after that was ... maths (o.o') i tried doing, and failed miserably ): i should buck up! :O and recess was PRATA! :D than after that, i had a hard time keeping awake ): shi lee was shaking my table so i wouldnt sleep :O *ask anyone sitting close to me if it's true* i was quite awake in biology :O and for chemistry, i dont want to think about it (x.x) than went home yea! :D and TQVM SANDY FOR THE "EXTRA" COOKIE! :D i was delicious-o! :D my brother said it tasted like famous amos's cookies :B GOOD FOR YOU! :D i can feel the LOVE in the cookie :P

and i want to know who's involved in this year's school's NDP! :x tell mua! :D & i find myself falling deeper for you. do you know? and i wonder if two people can share a dream when asleep, because i've been, well, dreaming about you? HAHAHAHA :x Mr Chan will be laughing and teasing at me later on (-.-) but really :x once i wake up, i'm really happy :D