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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Wednesday, 22 July 2009 9:45 pm

Mood: Sick/in pain
Music: Honey Beat by V6
Playing: Pet Society @ FB
Waiting for: Zamzar.com :P

alrights, tomorrow there's this stupid chinese test (-.-) how stupid right? (-.-) it's pissing me off. and i was forced to eat dinner just now ): so i SWALLOWED rice with my chawamushi :\ i dont know how i managed to swallow rice (-.-) than after i finished my dinner, and have to put back my retainers, i was like crying already D: and i pop'd in another pill of panadol D: Jeslyn learnt that, never eat anymoar! D: i'm on diet! D: i cant even eat BREAD D: i'm so sad ): i want to eat D: but i cant take that damned thing out ): argh! i hate that dentist ): stupid stupid stupid D: anyway, i've converted the whole "Hey! Say! JUMP-ing Tour '08-'09" into MP4 format and it's in Allen now :D how cool is that? :B and we're doing handicraft this GUIDES SESSION! :D look forward people! :D and please check the Guides notice board tomorrow after school! :D i'll put up a notice there tomorrow during my recess (: and Mr Alan Lim havent get back to us (-.-) i thought we can start rehersal on thursday (-.-) i want footdrill :\ *laughs*