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unknown hypering, and being teased (o.o')
Date: Sunday, 5 July 2009 4:48 pm

Mood: Hypering for some unknown reasons :B
Music: Hero by Arashi
Featuring: YAMAJIMA! :D hohohohs!(:

today was real fun in school, even for only a short while xD it's like hilarious there :D for some reason, me and isabel are the only girls there! :O and unfortunately, i'm the shortest there (-.-) *blame the boys having a growth spurt!* when we reached school, we went in to GO and BB & NPCC was there already (o.o')

Boy's Brigadet: Ernst & Wilson
Girl Guides: Me & Isabel
NPCC: Yu Xiang
Red Cross: Jun Hao & Yun Rong(?)
NCC: Shafik(?) & Johnathan
sorry if your name is spelt wrongly! ):

soo the 3 boys was like sitting on the sofa :O and! their uniforms made them camofludge against the sofa! :D *hilarious* i enter the GO by shouting "GG COME LER~" (o.o') i dont know why but, yea (: than for some unknown reasons, all the UG LOVE to bully GG, alot (-.-) but it's fun talking to them :D it's really funny (: and isabel was being isabel, still kicking johnathan even though she's wearing a skirt (-.-) *UNLADY LIKE! ):* i was intimidated by their height, and well, i tipped toed at one point and at another point, i was hiding behind isabel :O *HAHAHAHAHAHA* than well, isabel was like, "YUXIANG! WHY YOU SO QUITE?!" his reply was simply, "Because you more noisy than me marhh, that's why you think i quite." *ROFL!* i was like laughing away beside isabel xD and we had a group photo :D johnathan happily put his hand infront of my face at the last min. and my face was blocked (.____.) *no comments* after that said bye bye to them all and went home (: was waiting with isabel for her mummy luhhs (: and isabel, i dont know! :x hope what you say is true :B because i think i saw too :x i think you know what i mean :P

after that went to daddy's friend's house for his house warming :O the house i SUPER cool :D and, mr chan chee zheng was happily teasing me through out (o.o') i surrender mr chan chee zheng (-.-) he's sooooo happy teasing me, for some evil reason i suppose (-.-) yeap, that guy's PLAIN EVIL! ): and another of daddy's friend has a POLAROID camera! :D and we took polaroid photos :D real nice and cool (:

now for my rants :D i'm like sooooooo happy that ehrmhrm was there~ i was grinning away at isabel :B it's like OMGOMGOMGOMG! :x hohohohs xD