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Perching On The Soul
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the TRANSFORMER action~
Date: Friday, 3 July 2009 4:23 pm

Mood: YamaJima! :3
Music: White Christmas by KAT-TUN
Random: To be loved by the one you love, it's something that not everyone can experience.

hohohohs! :D today in school, i think i was sugar high or something :O *laughs* anyway, the youth day celebration, me, jia ler, xin ying and celestine was really high xD we figured out how to say "Transformers" in CHARADE! :D and "Harry Porter" and "Esplanade" and "Jurong Bird Park" and "Raffles" xD it's just totally hilarious (: i created the "Transformer" one! :D *beams with pride* i still cant get over how funny it was xD and we won! :D we got free physics file xD *because it's blue* anyway, after that i successfully pass my english class while still getting away with my un-done journal and my "forgotten-to-bring" comprehension :x *opps* anyway, i managed to "skip" PE :x not skip luhhs ! i was sick just a few days ago! :O it's a relevant reason! *nodsnods* andtayyuxiang!dontgivemethatlook!idontunderstandwhatitmeans-.- anyway, it was hilarious watching them to the streaching, may i say xD ahgong and baiyitianshi was like, "STRECH MOAR!" :P seriously! and sandy? i rather not comment on her and jialer xD hohohohs :x sometimes, we have to keep suspence :B *ohh wait wth am i'm saying? -.-* anyway, after that was blissfully recess :D and well, most of us were singing, "YOU RAISE ME UPPPPPPPPPPPP~♪" sooo yea (: i was one of them! :D hehehs :x and there was, "An empty street, an empty house, a hole inside my heart~♪" yea! My Love by Westlife (: so yeap, these two songs are actually our sec3(s) fav. songs, apparently :P

after that, we were chased up, and we had about half an-hour of spare time! :D i was like so happy, jumping up and down outside 3H/G's class room with Isabel :P and well, crapping with her of course :B and thankq mua adeline goldish for thee de-licious-o OREO :D *shows our black black teeth* hohohoho! :3 than after that rushed up and well, maths :D TRIGONOMETRY! :D it's easy (: seriously easy :P hohohohos! (: than when there's only half an-hour left till school ends, i went berserk, apparently. and i was like disturbing cassandraaa~ :x opps ! sorrayes! :x and well, after that i walked with Isabel to CP and chatted along the way of course xD and we saw a HUGE DEAD MOTH! ): omg! everytime go out with her uhh! sure see all these things de (-.-) *laughs* and apparently, Isabel almost stepped on it~♪ hahahahahahahaaaa! :x and when i was walking back i saw aloy kor JAYWALKING! :x ahahahahahs x: take it as i never say anything~ hohohohs :x he v. cute luhhs xD

i only slept at 2am today~ :D because i was surfing the net, even after daddy sent me to bed :x hahahahahahahah~♪ i was addicted to Yamajima fanfictions on LJ :x nevermind~ i managed to wake up today anyway :P and seriously, i'm seriously addicted to this paring (o.o') OMGOMGOMG! :x they're cute :P

omgomgomgomg~ this section is some rants that you can ignore, happily :D OMGOMGOMG! seriously, idk why am i staring at this ehrmhrm for the wholeday :O PE and recess and afterschool was the best :B
OKAY I TOLD YOU THEY ARE ALL RANTS! :x i know you're totally bored by them! iknowiknow xD