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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 21 July 2009 9:08 pm

Mood: in pain ):
Music: Ki.Se.Ki by Tackey & Tsubasa
Rants: Freak the doctor (-.-) my teeth hurts ):

alrights, blogger is still crazy (-.-) i swear! anyway i'm addicted to the songs of TACKEY & TSUBASA! :D they are nice and sad (: and they are the ones that sang "Venus"! :D anyway, today was RACIAL HARMONY DAY! :D i didnt wear any ethnic costume :\ i'll try next year :B muwahahah! B) anyway, i had a BLAST playing chapteh(?) and Hopsotch(?) :D i was sweating like mad in the end :x and i kidnapped half of the chalk! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D chalks are cool! :D be a fan of CHALKS! :D anyway, today's biology test was a breeze :D i dont know why i was studying so hard during maths and recess for the Biology test (o.o') and CHRISMINE JOINED US FOR RECESS TODAY! :D that cute lil' girl :D ily chrismine-aye~ :D it was hilarious :D and for some reasons, i was hyper during recess :x and i mean really hyper :D ISABEL! HE'S LIKE SO CUTE! :x *shakes Isabel* and Farah was continuously trying to "molest" me (o.o') seriously! than we became lesbians on the way to bio lab and back to class :O it's funny xD and i'm ticklish :O so dont poke me! :x and we're going to be dismissed at 12.30pm tomorrow! :D how cool is that? :D